7th Battalion, The Royal Sussex Regiment
Knight J.G.

Royal Sussex Regiment Crest
7th Battalion

Jonathan George Knight

Jonathan’s son, Peter Spence-Knight writes...

My name is Peter Spence-Knight. On your website you have a photograph of ‘A’ Company. My father is 4th from the right in the back row. He told me some of his wartime stories of how he was captured in France and marched through to Poland to a POW camp near Poznan.

He was with another man called John Horn. A Scottish man who came to visit us on many occasions. My father told me how they used to go “sick” so that they could make alcohol in light bulbs for their lighters. As he was an electrician, he was sent to work at a nearby factory which was eventually bombed.

He was returned to the UK after the war and passed fit to join the Royal Artillery.

I hope this has been some help or just another story to add to your collection.